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16-Week Accelerated Sign Language Interpreter Training

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Join CCSLI’s 16-Week Accelerated Sign Language Interpreter Training, a comprehensive program designed for working interpreters who have not yet attended a formal interpreter training program. This course provides an immersive, fast-paced curriculum that prepares participants for the NIC (National Interpreter Certification) and EIPA (Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment) evaluations. Through a combination of classroom instruction, practical exercises, and real-world interpreting experiences, working interpreters can enhance their skills and knowledge to excel in the field of sign language interpreting. (Purchase of the book “So You Want to be an Interpreter” 5h Edition is required)

Objectives: By the end of this 16-week course, participants will have developed a deeper understanding of interpreting techniques, improved their ability to facilitate communication between deaf and hearing individuals, and gained the confidence needed to succeed in professional certification evaluations. Our program includes modules on advanced ASL grammar, ethical decision-making, cultural competency, and specialized interpreting scenarios. Enroll today to elevate your interpreting career with CCSLI’s expert-led training, tailored specifically for professionals seeking to advance their credentials. This course is designed to prepare working professionals for certification exams and career opportunities in sign language interpretation. 

**Sessions will be taught in ASL

Where: Zoom

When: September 5, 2024 – December 19, 2024

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16-week Accelerated Sign Language Interpreter Training


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Instructor: Gail K. Carmona MBA NIC ED:K-12

Instructor: Gail K. Carmona MBA NIC ED:K-12

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Gail relocated to California in 2000. She has worked as an interpreter for the State of California’s Department of Rehabilitation, interpreted at numerous colleges and universities, worked in the cruise industry, and interpreted in K-12 settings.

Additionally, she has experience in VRS. Gail is an active member of CASLI (formerly AVLIC) and CIT. In 2008, Gail founded Central Coast Sign Language Interpreters LLC (now CCSLI INC), which provides both interpreting services throughout California and sign language interpreter training services nationally. She has served on RID’s Educational Interpreter Task Force and for eight years as an Evaluator for the EIPA. In 2018, Gail developed the Sign Language Interpreter – Skills Evaluation (SLI-SE) and continues to work with the SLI-SE as an evaluator

Instructor: Tony LaPerna Jr, NAD V Master:

Instructor: Tony LaPerna Jr, NAD V Master:

Tony graduated from the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) - with a degree in Educational Interpreting.

With over 30 years interpreting experience, he has worked in medical, legal, community, theatrical, VRS, VRI, and educational settings. He achieved his NAD V (Master Level Certificate). He is a founding member of the committee that established and implemented the BEI interpreter rating system in Michigan.

Instructor: Dustin Yaeger BA:

Instructor: Dustin Yaeger BA:

Dustin is a native user of American Sign Language and as a result, he brings the important perspective of being a Deaf consumer of interpreting services.

He has worked as a translator in New York on projects that provide Deaf access to education in ASL. He holds a bachelors degree in English and is a member of the Conference of Interpreter Trainers. In addition to teaching ASL, for the past 5 years Dustin has worked as a Deaf Interpreter and Interpreter Mentor.