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2022 Interpreting Summer Series

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ITP students have a unique challenge to keep the momentum going through the summer that they worked hard acquire during the school year. Interpreters in K-12 often face a similar challenge achieving success with the EIPA. In an effort to support these individuals and other new interpreters, CCSLI presents their annual Summer Series! All of the below sessions total 32 hours but are being offered as one incredible low priced packag

“ASL Chat with Deaf Mentors” – EVERY TUESDAY from 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM PDT (California Time) June 21 – August 9, 2022 (Total of 16 hours)

“Expand Your Knowledge” – EVERY THURSDAY from 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM PDT (California Time) June 23 – August 11, 2022 (Total of 7 hours)
Topics discussed will include: Top-down processing, idioms, use of numbers, constructed action/dialogue, classifiers and use of space, navigating evaluations, etc.

“Ethics Discussions” – EVERY SATURDAY from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM PDT (California Time) June 25 – August 13, 2022 (Total of 8 hours)
Topics discussed will include: VRS interpreting, confidentiality, interpreting as a business, voicing, self-care, cruise interpreting, etc.

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    Lead Instructor: Gail K Carmona NIC Ed:K-12

    Lead Instructor: Gail K Carmona NIC Ed:K-12

    Born and raised in Ontario, Canada upon relocating to California, Gail has worked as an interpreter for the State of California’s Dept of Rehabilitation, interpreted at numerous colleges and universities, worked and trained interpreters in the cruise industry, interpreted in K-12, has done national VRS interpreting, etc. She holds RID's National Interpreter Certification (NIC) as well as, the ED:K-12 and the EIPA. She is an active member of CASLI (formerly AVLIC), NAIE and is a member of the Conference of Interpreter Trainers (CIT). In 2008, she founded Central Coast Sign Language Interpreters LLC (now CCSLI INC) which provides interpreting services throughout all of California. Additionally, Gail has served on RID's Educational Interpreter Task Force and worked for 8 years as an Evaluator with the EIPA.