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Mentor Program


1. An evaluation from either the EIPA, NIC or BEI in the recent 12 months is required. If you have not been assessed by the above evaluations, you will need to be assessed using CCSLI’s Sign Language Interpreter-Skills Evaluation (SLI-SE). You will receive your results within 2 weeks. More information can be found on our
2. Interpreting experience.


If your evaluation determines your skill set is “Conversational” and not “Entry Level Interpreting”, you will first need participate in CCSLI’s “ASL Chat with Deaf Language Mentors” and/or do one-on-one mentoring with a Deaf Language Mentor. Interpreters must achieve fluency prior to attending one-on-one training with a Deaf Interpreting Mentor.

Language Competency:

A Deaf Interpreting Mentor will work one hour weekly with the Mentee and focus on one of the following categories over the course of 12 weeks (homework will be assigned).

12 weeks – 1 hour with Mentor each week

  • Mentorship 1 – Foundational skills (fingerspelling, pace, articulation, numbers)
  • Mentorship 2 – Prosody (stress and emphasis, affect, register)
  • Mentorship 3 – Grammar I (sentences and sentence types, clauses, non-manual markers) 
  • Mentorship 4 – Grammar II (verbs, pronouns, utilizing space, classifiers)

Interpreter Proficiency:

  • Mentorship 5 – Processing and Discourse Mapping

All CCSLI Mentors will focus on practical application. Prices vary slightly depending on Mentor.-

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    Lead Instructor: Gail K Carmona NIC Ed:K-12

    Lead Instructor: Gail K Carmona NIC Ed:K-12

    Gail holds RID's National Interpreter Certification (NIC) as well as, the ED:K-12 and the EIPA. She is an active member of CASLI (formerly AVLIC), NAIE and is a member of the Conference of Interpreter Trainers (CIT).

    Mentor: Dustin Yaeger BA

    Mentor: Dustin Yaeger BA

    Dustin is a native user of American Sign Language and as a result, he brings the important perspective of being a consumer of interpreting services to classroom training!