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Young deaf mute african american woman using sign language.

Are you seeking professional growth as a sign language interpreter? Would you like to reach your full potential?

CCSLI conducts workshops & mentoring sessions to help interpreters increase their knowledge and sharpen their signing skills.

What happens when interpreters complete their interpreter training program? Are they able to immediately pass certification exams? In an ideal world we could answer “Yes!” to that question. However, in todays real world, often that doesn’t happen. While they may have success securing some kind of employment, how do they pass certification?

Are you an interpreter who has been working without certification for years in the K-12 setting and now is the time you really need to pass certification, what do you do? Or you have achieved a 3.5 but now your state is requiring a 4.0. You have probably already realized that work experience alone will not increase scores on the ESSE or the EIPA. what is the solution?

This is where our mentorship program can genuinely help! We offer small, 3-5 person classes online with RID certified interpreter mentors. It doesn’t matter how remotely you live, or if you are exhausted after a long day of work, you can get help developing your skills right there in your own home! We know the costs can be high for this kind of small group training and we want to help! You can enroll in a 4 week “Improve My Prosody” or “Classifiers and Use of Space” mentorship program for as low as $95.00! Or you can learn and develop Top-Down Processing Skills in as little as 4 weeks for only $95.00! (Let your school district know you want to join our mentorship program and if others join with you, we may be able to provide even further discounted rates!)

Perhaps you prefer one-on-one Mentoring? Let us know what your needs are, we want to help you achieve your goals!

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