Interpreter, Mentoring, and Evaluation Services

African american female teacher and caucasian boy talking in hand sign language at elementary school

CCSLI offers “on call” 24/7 sign language interpreting services throughout Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Benito and Santa Clara counties. Our wide variety of services include but are not limited to:

Medical Appointments and Consultations

Corporate Meetings and Seminars

Educational & Vocational Instruction

Employment Interviews & Orientation

Legal Counsel and Courtroom Proceedings

Customized On-site Language Instruction

Consulting Services

Last-minute Interpreter Requests

Interpreter Evaluation and Mentoring

We pride ourselves on the ability to provide the very best in responsive customer service, and we look forward to the opportunity to work with your organization.

A family business with values

CCSLI is a family-owned and operated sign language interpreting agency. Integrity, friendliness, and exceptional service are the hallmarks of our business. Skill, professionalism and punctuality are demanded of all CCSLI interpreters and trainers.
Young deaf woman having a non verbal conversation in online video call
Sign language interpreter


CCSLI uses only nationally certified, state-screened or professionally evaluated (ADA compliant) sign language interpreters.


We offer small, 3-5 person classes online with qualified, professional interpreter mentors.

Sign Language Interpreter - Skills Evaluation (SLI-SE)

Designed to provide both individual Interpreters and prospective employers with a basic, yet realistic, assessment of an interpreter's skill set